Payslipview – Tesco’s employees Login Sure 100% Useful

Payslipview – If you are an employee of Tesco, you can use Tesco’s official portal in case you want to access your pay slip. This portal is beneficial both to the employee as well as the employer as it helps Tesco to keep record of the pay roll data base of its innumerous employees. You can access this site at

Payslipview Tesco’s employees Login Sure 100% Useful
Payslipview Tesco’s employees Login Sure 100% Useful

Payslipview is a portal that can only be accessed by the employees and other officials of Tesco. A person not under the employment of Tesco cannot access this portal and will be greeted with a warning which says “This is private system-authorized access only”.

Overview of Tesco Payslipview

Currently the third largest retailer in the world, Tesco has a number of employees working for them. According to statistics, Tesco currently has close to 476000 employees. Tesco is based in different countries across Asia and Europe and have over 7000 shops worldwide.

Since the operations of Tesco are required to be at a international level, the number of employees required becomes much more. Tesco provides full time as well as part time jobs to its employees. Therefore, it becomes necessary for such a company to have a database that can help them curate all the payments that are being made out to its employees. Such a database also ensures that all the employees have the requited access to their pay slips anytime and anywhere.

Every employee of the Tesco has the ability to access this portal and check his or her pay slip. This portal has not only helped in saving the time of the company but has also helped in making sure that all doubts that an employee can get with regards to his payment/ salary are covered.

Unique Features of Tesco

Tesco has had immense growth in the past few years and there are definite reasons for that. Tesco provides exclusive services to their customers with the help of the employees and some of them are-

  • Good quality of any given product and good quality service.
  • Operations that are open 24×7.
  • Employees get paid extra for night shifts.
  • Tesco has uniforms for all its employees that help the customers in identifying them and getting in touch with them if any help is required.
  • Tesco ensure that quick solutions are made available in case of problems to the customers as well as the employees.

How to log into your Payslipview account?

If you are an employee of Tesco, you have your eight digit employee number with you. Below is given a step by step process to log into your Payslipview account. Additionally, you will also require an activation code to gain access to your account. This code is available for you at the bottom of your Payslipview.

  • Step 2: A login form will be made available to you. This is where you will be filling out your credentials and you will have to put in the password and the activation code as well.
  • Step 3: Before logging into your account, make sure that you are up to date with your activation code.
  • Step 4: A new activation code is given on every 4th week Tesco pay slip.
  • Step 5: Once you have filled in all the credentials, you can log into your account.

Why is Payslipview portal important?

The concept of an online portal for employees to check their pay slips is an initiative by Tesco to ensure that all the employees of the company are benefitted. If employees the employees have any doubts regarding how much pay they are getting and the deduction therein, they can get cleared immediately.

Payslipview provides not only for the pay that the employee is receiving but also all the working hours and extra working hours put in by the employees and the pay they are receiving in regards to that.

How to open a new account on Payslipview?

If you are a new employee of Tesco and are going to be using the Payslipview for the first time, follow the steps given below to make your new account.

  • Step 1: First and foremost, get your employee number. The employee number is available on your manual pay slip or even on the identification provided to you by Tesco.
  • Step 2: If you are a new employee, you will not be having old pay slips to get access to. Therefore, wait for the first month to get over to access your latest pay slip. You will also have to pay a small fee to access the account on a monthly basis.
  • Step 3: Open the browser on your device and enter the name of the online portal. You will then have to fill in your credentials such as your employee number and activation code. You will also have to provide for an email id as a recovery measure.
  • Step 4: Once you have done the above, put in the password that you desire to use. Follow the guidelines for a password as mentioned on the page.

Once you have done the above, your account is created and ready to be used.

Guidance provided to log into Payslipview

Tesco understands that the process of using an online portal to gain access to pay slips is a concept that is new to many of the employees. Therefore, the portal provides for a HELP section for those employees wherein all frequent doubts are answered. The HELP section provides the employees all the details regarding their pay slip such as working hours, the department in which they work, tax code, tax period, tax reference etc.

Details regarding your Payslipview

Tesco has tried to ensure that through this online portal all details are made available to the employees. The HELP section of the Payslipview showcase other relevant fields such as,

Quote in event of payroll query: if you have a query regarding your pay, all you have to do is furnish the details of your branch and pay group.

  • Additional pay information: If there are any extra hours logged in by you at work, the payslipview will showcase the very same and provide for extra payment made in regards to that.
  • Information on holidays: There is also a section that provides for the holidays such as paid holidays, entitled holidays as well as information on the number of leaves an employee has taken. The section also provides for information on bank holidays.
  • Personal days: Tesco also provides its employees with a few personal days to relax and spend some time according to their needs.
  • Benefits: Benefits and discounts are showcased for every employee in this section.
  • Payments: The section provides for the payment that is made to the employees and the breakup of those payments.
  • Deductions: Information on deductions such as standard deductions and other deductions is also provided.
  • Total of payments and deductions: The section provides for the total amount calculated for payment after considering the payments and deductions.
  • Net pay: Once the employee has had the opportunity to consider all of the above, he can get information on how much amount will he be actually eligible to take home.
  • Message box: The message box provides the employee with information such as the employee number, activation code, etc.
  • Website address: The section also provides for the website address for all the employees in case they forget how to access the log in portal.
  • Contact and support details: If as an employee you still have any doubts or queries, you can get in touch with Tesco and for this purpose Tesco offers for various options to get in touch with them
    • Tesco Benefits Helpline: In case of queries on benefits to employees, an employee can send an email at [email protected] or call 01-215-2928.
    • Pensions: For queries related to pension you can call 01-215-2782 or send an email at [email protected]
    • Protector Line: If there are any complaints with relation to any illegal activities the employees can call 1800-567-014 or send a mail at [email protected]
    • Training and Development: If you are contemplating joining Tesco as an employee, you can visit our sites or, which can help make your decision easier.


Tesco is a company that works with the help of millions of employees. Tesco wants to ensure that all the employees of the company are benefitted and thus, have come up with a concept of an online portal for its employees to get access to their pay slips whenever they want. Getting access to your pay slip whenever you want can help you in calculating the amount you have been eligible to take home and also in predicting the amount you will be eligible to take home in the future.

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