Tesco Employee Benefits Sure 100% Useful

There are Tesco Employee Benefits for everyone who is working on behalf of Tesco. Tesco is a great place to work. From day one, an employee at TESCO enjoys a whole range of benefits.

The range of everyday services provided by Tesco is not just limited to dry cleaning or shoe repair, rather it extends to onsite offers making it practical for you to pick dinner home.

Tesco Employee Benefits

There are many opportunities and more to learn being an employee at Tesco. The Tesco work environment is very ergonomic for the employee. The following are the Tesco Employee Benefits that one might enjoy while being employed at Tesco

Tesco Employee Benefits Here.

  • Sick pay for short term and long term sickness
  • Paid leave for approved holidays
  • Maternity pay for women staff
  • After 6 months of employment at Tesco, employees will be able to avail the 10% discount on products sold at Tesco 
  • Money off vouchers that can be used on the monthly pay day for discount purchases. The voucher is given in the form of a booklet that you can use to suit your needs.
  • Being an employee at Tesco, you have the opportunity to be a part of the “Retirement Savings Plan” offered as Tesco Employee Benefits. Tesco will match your contributions to up to 7.5%. You get a valuable life insurance cover for five times your payment.
  • There is a “Colleague Bonus Plan” offered annually, which is worth up to 3.5% of the base salary of the employee.
  • There is a 10% staff discount on the Colleague Club Card. However, this becomes available only after 6 months of service.
  • There are “open plan offices” where you can share the desk space with colleagues. This is where you will be able to work with and learn from different colleagues.
  • Employees being a part of the TESCO team enjoy informal meeting spaces where different teams of TESCO collaborate to discuss the various projects under operation.
  • There are tea points on each floor at TESCO store and offices, where the employees take tea breaks for the free drinks and catch up with colleagues during the break.
  • Tesco Employee Benefits for Employees can have refreshing food from the restaurant at TESCO offering different recipes from the menu. The food is cooked from scratch using the TESCO products. The choice of menu differs from one building to another.  
  • There are health and beauty services for employees. There is a nurse and GP on board to attend to the immediate health concerns of employees. Massage therapists can help heal the tiresome feeling after a week of hard work.
  • There are free onsite car parking for Tesco Employee Benefits.
  • For those who travel from the train station there are frequent free shuttle bus service.

When you get busy with your job, it can be difficult to take care of your everyday services all on your own. To ensure that your daily chores do not interfere with your attendance at work, the onsite Tesco Express Store provides for a range of everyday services which includes but is not limited to dry cleaning services, shoe repair services, train ticket machines for those who travel by train, cash machines for money withdrawal, travel money ordering and collection, post office service, fuel pumps for cars and bikes, car wash and more.

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